About Us

Our Approach

At King’s BBQ, we stick to the old school methods while adding a new style and flavor to BBQ.  We use fresh spices, real wood and smoke that give our food the exquisite flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

Our Story

We are a local mobile BBQ company who brings the old school feel of bbq with a unique flavorful spin. From private parties, catering and festivals, no matter the events, King’s BBQ is always a HIT.  Starting off cooking for friends and family, Robert made a decision to take his love of food and bringing people together to the streets.  At King’s BBQ we take pride  bringing exclusive flavors to the foodies in Henderson and Las Vegas area.  Everything at King’s BBQ is fresh and made with a old school flair that is unmatched by others.  From the wood, to the spices, rubs, meat, sauces and sides…we put 110% into the product put out by King’s BBQ. 

Meet the PitMaster

Robert King:

Founder & CEO

Born & raised in the small town of Bethlehem Pennsylvania, Robert King grew up with a family of good cooks and when he couldn’t cook there was always one thing he could do…EAT!! His father, Mr. King, was well known for frying turkeys, fish and ribs and his mom was well known for her baking methods… till this day no one can touch .

As Robert began to get older he started to throw parties and would cater some himself. Unlike other BBQ joints, Robert would let the people do the talking . Whipping up meats filled with flavor that people would rave about.  As time went on, Robert was introduced to MR meat smoker ” It was a hammy down torpedo smoker his step mother had given him” that changed the way he thought of bbq . He began smoking steak, ribs , turkeys , fish. etc. Robert was the guy you wanted around at parties and events, always bringing his flavorful smoked foods and passion for cooking wherever he went.  EVERYONE loved it .

Eventually moving to Las vegas in August 2014, Robert was missing something… it was his PIT.  He purchased a smoker in September and has not stopped since. Known for his brisket, ribs, rib tips, and pulled pork, Roberts puts his passion and heart into all the food he puts out and it shows!  Robert is continuously reflecting on customer’s input and his childhood; so while you never know what to expect is on Robert’s mind, it’s guaranteed that he will always bring new flavor with an old school punch that will give the customer something to talk about!!  Robert’s passion for bbq and continuing to put out a good product is what drives him and that sets him apart from the rest!

**Here at Kings BBQ we put 110% into our products . No cutting corners . Sticking to the old school fire n wood methods !!**

If its not Smoked Then its not right !!